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Gun Bill Days are March 8th and March 14th

Your Support is needed to Testify, if you are able to attend, and/or call and email your Representatives. March just got a lot busier as the Maryland House and Senate committees are scheduling their respective “Gun Days.”  The Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee has scheduled its “Gun Day” for March 8, while the House Judiciary Committee [...]

March 1 – Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee

Senate Bill 946, an anti-gun bill sponsored by Senator Smith, creates a federally prohibitive criminal penalty for the possession of a firearm on a college campus in Maryland.  This is the same bill as HB 159 which passed the House last week.  Those with wear and carry permits do not present a threat to public safety, as they [...]

March 2 – House Judiciary Committee

House Bill 294, an anti-gun bill sponsored by Delegate Dumais, would prohibit from firearms ownership those persons with a probation before judgement in a domestically related 2nd degree assault.  In Maryland, 2nd degree assault does not require injury, only unwanted physical contact.  A probation before judgement is a legal option used by the Courts to allow an individual to [...]

March 8 – Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee – GUN DAY

Anti-Gun Bills Senate Bill 224, sponsored by Senator Lee, is the same bill as HB 294 and removes firearms rights from persons receiving a probation before judgement in a domestic 2nd degree assault. Senate Bill 467, sponsored by Senator Feldman, treats antique firearms as modern firearms for the purposes of persons prohibited from ownership of firearms.  [...]

March 14 – House Judiciary Committee – GUN DAY

Pro-Gun Bills House Bill 59, sponsored by Delegate Seth Howard, allows individuals to replace a lost, stolen, or broken firearm that was grandfathered under the Firearms Safety Act of 2013. House Bill 1036, sponsored by Delegate Rey, allows an applicant to obtain preliminary approval for a wear and carry permit before obtaining the required training.  [...]