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A pleasant, park-like atmosphere to safely shoot Air Pellet Pistol & Rifle, Handgun, Smallbore, Benchrest & High-Power Rifle, Trap and Archery.



Our ranges are staffed by professional Range Safety Officers to ensure a safe shooting experience for all.



The AGC range facility is located on sixty acres in northwest Baltimore County, at the junction of Marriottsville Road and Wards Chapel Road.


The AGC Memorial Hall Fund Raffle

Winning Ticket Numbers;

Prize #  –  Ticket #

1  –  454
2  –  480
3  –  1228
4  –  488
5  –  2122
6  –  453
7  –  1266
8  –  949
9  –  1125
10  –  2133

Winners are being contacted. Thanks to everyone who donated to the raffle. We appreciate your support.

AR-15 Rifle Clinic

The Maryland Rifle Club is sponsoring jointly with the Maryland State Rifle & Pistol Association an AR-15 Rifle Clinic. The objective of this clinic is to develop proficiency in using the AR-15.

–  This clinic is for shooters (new or inexperienced) who want to learn marksmanship skills  with the AR-15.  It is also for shooters who have some experience with an AR but have not  shot competitively.  This is not a clinic for teaching intermediate or advanced skills.
–  JUNIORS (15-21) ARE ENCOURAGED TO REGISTER.  A junior has to be able to  safely handle the rifle in the standing position.
–  Coaching will be provided by experienced highpower rifle shooters.  Coaching on the  firing line will be one on one.
–  Rifles and ammo will be provided.

The clinic is limited to 15 attendees and always fills up fast.  So don’t delay if you are interested!

NOTE: It is highly recommended that you do stretching exercises starting a few weeks prior to the clinic.  This will help with getting into and maintaining the prone and sitting positions which is taught using a sling for support.    Otherwise, you might find your muscles too sore to complete the clinic.

Details are:
–  A 2 day clinic, Saturday March 17, 2018 & Saturday March 24, 2018 (7:30am-4:30pm).
–  Cost: $95 per adult, Juniors (under 21) $55. Preregistration required. Attendance limited  to first 15 paid applicants. No refunds will be issued for cancellations less than 21 days  before 3/17/18.
– Send registration fee (check made to Maryland Rifle Club, Inc.), name, age (if junior), address, phone number, e-mail address, T-shirt size, & club affiliation (if any) to:
Bill Perry
842 Chanter Dr
Westminster, Md. 21157

–  More Info: BillPerry5454@gmail.com

New 15-yr AGC Range Badge For Sale in 2018

AGC Trustees moved to create a new 15-yr Badge in order to raise capital funds for the specific purpose of constructing the 200-yard Safety Berm and associated shooting bays, as defined below;

  1. 15-year special badge/sticker,
  2. $1,750/badge,
  3. Limit sales to no more than 100,
  4. No annual sticker requirement,
  5. Member must maintain continual associated club membership or forfeit badge, with exception for active military deployment,
  6. Member must show proof of associated club membership upon request or forfeit badge,
  7. Badge can be reinstated upon appeal to Executive Committee which will evaluate any extenuating circumstances.
  8. All other badge rules apply

Sales of this new badge start November 1, 2017, and will end when 100 have been sold.

This project will provide needed safety on the 200-yd range and the new shooting bays will be used for Action Shooting, CIO/Corporate Customer training, a member plinking range, and other discipline shooting events.


The AGC is hiring responsible individuals who wish to become Range Safety Officers. RSO Certified candidates preferred. Weekday and weekend shifts available.

Contact the AGC Executive Vice President, Andrew Pelton, via email.

Range Safety Orientation Presentation

Now showing on the Barnes Range House “Big Brother” monitor

“The Range Safety Orientation Presentation”

Prior to a Range Orientation Walk-Through, new members should review this presentation to help solidify their understanding of our very thorough Range Rules.

You can download a PDF version here and from the Range Rules page.


Click here.


Membership in one of the Associated Gun Clubs of Baltimore’s affiliated clubs offers unlimited shooting opportunities.